Triple Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls


We recently had some very VIP guests – friends of mine from high school and Great Falls, my hometown back in the States. They’re expecting their first babe in February, so this trip acted a last horrah and final non-parental squeeze. We cheers to old memories and new. 3 days slipped away in an instant…. 

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Pulled Pork Sandwiches


There’s nothing worse than having high expectations, craving a nice dining experience, then paying for crap. Like, really, pure crap. Enter most dining experiences in The Netherlands. Sure, there are a handful of really great go to spots that we frequent for awesome food and service, but I think I can count them on a… 

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One-bowl Pumpkin Loaf


The days are shorter and with both of us starting new jobs as of last week – evening time is precious in our little flat. Pureed pumpkin is also coveted ’round these parts – each time calls for boiling or baking a real pumpkin. Carving and peeling the flesh. Cooling. Pureeing. It’s multi-stepped and belabored…. 

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Chicken Tikka Masala

NEW| Chicken Tikka Masala| Main Dishes

Sharing is caring, so I’m back with another SRC post. The Secret Recipe Club is a collection of people motivated by food, stories and sharing. We come together every month to do just that. This month, I got to check out Cook, Lisa Cook’s little space.  Lisa’s blog had so many recipes to choose from,… 

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Persian Beef, Greenbean and Tomatoes with Rice – Lubia Polo


Vegetables, beef, rice. It’s all there. In one big warm pot. It’s lubia polo; or Persian beef, green bean and tomatoey- rice. Every so delicately fragrant with cinnamon and saffron, the smell wafted throughout the whole apartment and made me feel like I was back in my mother’s house. My biggest issue here is smacking… 

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Spicy Asian Wings


I never deep-fried meat before this. But Heather Christo, I trust you. Especially after all of this. I know it’s a blanketed statement, but this kind of food always gets me nostalgic for my time spent slurping noodle soups, Singha beers and jesus-christ-that’s-spicy foods in Asia. I was like a deer in headlights with wide… 

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Spaghetti Carbonara

NEW! Spaghetti Carbonara

I’m starting a new role at my company next week. I feel incredibly fortunate to have found work literally the same week I turned in my thesis back in 2012. So much was hanging on whether or not I could find a job. Would I stay in the Netherlands or return to Spain? Continue dating… 

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Ghormeh Sabzi – Persian herb and lamb stew


I’m emotionally connected to food. I hated Ghormeh Sabzi as a kid, I think, because my mom isn’t so fond of it. She didn’t like it, so she never made it. This stuff only made appearances at my auntie’s and Maman’s houses, so I’d eat the tiniest spoonful possible just to say I’d tasted everything…. 

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Chicken Florentine

Mom's Chicken Florentine

It’s Secret Recipe Club post-time! Whats SRC? It’s a collective of bloggers seeking to try something from someone else’s kitchen. This month I got to explore Renee’s Kitchen Adventures, hailing from Northeastern Ohio. She’s got a little sous chef, too. Miss Molly and Olive the cat might have been friends in another life. Renee’s culinary journey includes… 

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A ricotta love affair, vol. 2


Bon Appetit, your website is horrible. I’m saying this as someone who loves food. Who works in IT. And who works for the internets. I recently saw this amazing post about some ricotta dip, then found out how difficult it was to navigate to actual recipes. The photography is great and inspirational, but what’s the… 

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Grilled Peaches


I’m holding onto summer for dear life. I’m knocking on wood as I type this, but September in Amsterdam has been beautiful. Parts of summer were unbearably hot, like when my parents were here and we left all the windows and doors open (the proceeded to get eaten alive by bat-sized mosquitoes). We don’t have AC… 

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Baked Egg + Cherry Tomatoes for 1


For all the fluff out there on the internets, there are some places I wholeheartedly love visiting. I love the space these people have curated. The foods they cook. Their stories. Their like-mindedness. Magda, I really love your blog. I want to eat everything you make, which seems so familiar and exotic all at once…. 

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Roasted Cauliflower, Rosemary + Dates


So it’s fall, and it’s time to roast some vegetables. Cauliflower, to be exact. And because I’m a savory-sweet kind of lady, I love adding little bits of sweetness wherever I can, especially when vegetables are involved. I recently tried to explain to my mister what I thought cauliflower tasted like. I came up with… 

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A ricotta love affair, vol. 1

A Ricotta Love Affair, vol 1

Before writing this post, I ate nearly 250 grams of ricotta. I guess Bon Appetit read my mind a little, things just taste better with it.  In the midst of Pollok-like state of ‘recipe development’, I made, photographed, and ate, several spoonfuls of ricotta. When it was all said and done, it amounted to a… 

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Zereshk Polo


Usually I talk about what’s going in my kitchen. But something interesting is happening in YOUR kitchen, apparently. So many of you guys are tapping into the Persian Kitchen. This makes me so excited. One of the best ways to encounter a new culture is through food. It’s an incredible way to interpersonally connect with… 

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