Creamy Banana Breakfast Porridge, for 1


What are your morning routines like? Mine are dependent on when the Englishman wakes up – his job has his starting from as early as 330 amd and sometimes as late at 10 pm. Those early morning shift are tough – I wake up with his alarm, then fall asleep when he leaves, around 4. Then… 

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Coconut Macaroons


I recently acquired a ruby Kitchen Aid standing mixer for my 30th birthday. It sat, idle, for about 2 weeks before I could bring myself to use it. I knew it would never be as clean and shiny as it was fresh out of the box. When I did get around to using it, I… 

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Creamed Spinach


I imagine creamed spinach as those big, frozen rectangles you get from the shop – next to the pizza, peas and ice cream. We eat these frozen blocks as a last-ditch effort to throw in vegetables into, anything, really. Unless it’s on mom’s Chicken Florentine. I’d never made it from real, live vegetables before – so I… 

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Hot Crossed Buns


It’s Easter weekend! And I finally christened my beautiful KitchenAid. I stupidly scratched my head asking why I always saw these around Easter holiday – duh, it’s the cross. But it hardly seemed like a valid connection. Much like the Easter bunny, cadberry eggs and chocolate galore. Still, a nice excuse to bake + indulge…. 

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Homemade Focaccia + Tales of Family Bread

Homemade Focaccia

I hardly eat bread anymore. Since moving here (4 years ago), I still haven’t acclimated to soft white loaves or seeded ‘corn’ rolls that are so very loved by the dutch. Growing up Italian/persian meant that if bread was out – it was excellent and in a very specific shape. Baguettes and foccacia from mama,… 

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Herb Compound Butter


How do I describe the last few weeks? confusing, exciting, exhausting. I spent little time in the kitchen in February. It was more about changing jobs, deadlines, social affairs and renovation planning. But this last Saturday after spring cleaning, running, planning, I remembered to stop and make a meal for me and mister. We’re working… 

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There’s been a lot on my mind lately and I haven’t felt much like blogging or storytelling. I have been eating, however, and photographing everything (because that’s normal). I present to you: Tabbouleh. Tomatoes. Parlsey. Mint. Bulgur. Cucumber. Lemon. Olive Oil. Salt. Pepper. Chop Chop Chop Chop. Perfection. Audio Pairing: Electric Relaxation by a Tribe… 

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Spicy-sweet Butternut Squash dip


How do you keep up reading other people’s blogs? No really, I’m asking as a friend in need of guidance. I subscribe to loads; its a combination of wanting to be involved in other people’s lives and storytelling – being captivated by their food stories. And getting inspired. To try new dishes, vegetables, cultures and… 

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Mast o Musir (Persian Shallot and Yogurt Dip)

Mast o Musir | The Persian Kitchen

I recently went to a Persian restaurant near my house. The proprietors were Persian. The decor was definitely fitting. And the food was nearly spot on. I say nearly because does anything ever compare to what your mom or grandma make? Hardly ever. But their mast o musir was there. All the tartness of the… 

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Homemade Scones

Homemade Scones | Desserts + Sweets

Is Secret Recipe time, again! This month I had Lisa’s blog, Sweet as Sugar Cookies. It was clear that this blog post was gonna feature a sweet treat, a welcome change from all the savory that’s been happening round these parts. Lisa’s recipe called for blueberries, which I skipped. I had the absolute best jam… 

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Mom’s Potato Salad


When I think of potato salad, I think of mayo-laden soup. I think of that horrible goo you find in delis where this stuff sits in a metal bin, covered with saran wrap, spoon and all. This is NOT that potato salad. Mom loves mayo – but everything in moderation, dear readers. I suppose I’m… 

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Breakfast Borek, for 2


High school. College. and Beyond. Slavs in my life. To say they all eat borek is a bit narrow minded – there’s far more to it than that. But it is safe to say that there’s always plenty (too much) of food, rakia and hospitality that will make you eat until you hate yourself. Or… 

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Zelfgemaakte saucijzenbroodje (Homemade Dutch Sausage Rolls)


Puffed pastry and sausage. I’m ashamed (not really) to be sharing with you this thing, which you can hardly call a recipe. It’s really more like an assemblage of ready-made, store-bought items. Semi-home cooked ? Hey man, there’s a time and place for this kind of stuff. And the day after new years? That’s it…. 

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Singapore – in Instagram

little india

In 2010, I was a really different person; A bit of a human tornado with little foresight or capacity to plan much beyond luchtime. A delicate combination of fearful, curious, bored and frustrated, I moved to Korea, really, to escape. It opened up some serious questions and gave me space away from family, friends and… 

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My 2014


I am a really anxious person. Im not thinking 1 or 2 steps ahead; I’m 10. And not in a – I like to plan things out so they’re uber organized. More in a chain reaction, over-thinking, hide under the covers kind of way. I also drink – a lot. Neurosis aside, its safe to… 

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