Grilled Halloumi

It’s that squeak-between-your-teeth saltiness that I can’t get enough of.

That thing that seems to go well on so many things (salads, pizzas, rice dishes) and all by itself.

Its so good melted over an open flame, grill pan, real grill. Or straight from the package.

It’s halloumi, of course.

What’s that? Cypric cheese, perfect for grilled cheese sandwiches for all you adults out there.
And with grilling season is full swing, we are eating this stuff by the brick.

Ok, we’re not slinging the grill out that often, but you bet this sees my grill pan a lot.

To get those perfect grill lines from my pan, I blast the heat for a few minutes, then turn it low just before I slap on some halloumi. The residual heat leaves perfect lines without scalding the cheese, leaving a cripsy outer shell and a softer inside.

We eat it with this dish, or by its lonesome. Drool.

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Grilled Halloumi

By DellaCucinaPovera Published: July 4, 2014

  • Yield: 3-4 Servings

It's that squeak-between-your-teeth saltiness that I can't get enough of. That thing that seems to go well on so many things …



  1. If using a grill pan: Let the pan heat up on high heat for a few minutes. In the meantime, slice your halloumi into rectangles. When you're ready to 'grill', turn the heat down to medium and grill on both sides.
  2. If using a regular pan: On medium heat, add a bit of olive to your pan. Cook cheese on both sides until slightly brown. Serve warm.

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    1. says

      Love this stuff! I think it’s a Brit thing. We used to eat it by the brick load when I lived there but I can hardly find it here, and if I do, it costs an arm and a leg. I saw some at TJ’s and it wasn’t ridiculously priced so I’ll get some next time. It really so good grilled. Love the grill marks!

    2. says

      Hi Francesca, I saw this cheese at Traders Joes a few months ago, I will have to pick some up next time I am in town, look delicious!

    3. says

      I tried Halloumi for the first time in the UK. You know what it is like in Italy, it is always harder to find “foreign goods!”. I definitely liked the taste of this cheese, it is interesting and its texture is different from other cheeses. I love it grilled like this. Great in the summer too with some fresh salad and some crunchy bread. Have a nice weekend. Ciao bella!

      • says

        I guess Italians don’t have a lot of incentive to eat foreign food – their own food is pretty fantastic :) But come on, in Holland and the UK? There’s some room for improvement + Italian cooks! Nice weekend to you, too!

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