Kale + Lamb Curry AND Cookbook Giveaway!

So when I started this blog, I had a vision; Italian and Persian working class food.

2 1/2 years of blogging, 6 years of expatriatism and lots of calories later, all of that was lost. I started looking to remind me of travel, to comfort me when I was feeling homesick. And I began to challenge my skills and knowledge of technique and limits  of food.

I had never eaten beets. Celery root.


All of that changed.

Today I’m here to share 2 firsts: a kale dish -and- a cookbook giveaway!


The world of kale opened up  to me when I found The Roasted Root’s blog. Kale ere’where.

The Englishman has had plenty of kale – it stampot, of course. What’s that? It’s a Dutch dish; basically a conglomeration of mashed veg in a heavy-duty cast iron pot. Without a shred of herbs…can I get a little salt or something!?

Anyways, kale in curry. Did you know it’s a thing? Totes is.


And it’s in Julia’s book! Plus eleventybillion other drool-worthy recipes all featuring that leafy green that hipsters and granola lovers seemed to have only recently discovered.


Julia was kind enough to pass on her cookbook to me (allll the way here in Amsterdam). And because sharing is caring, I’m going to pass this little gem off onto a lucky reader.

Tell me why you think you should win the book, and you’ll get a fancy package from this little corner of the world from Julia + me.

The recipe for this awesome curry is in the book!

Get your comment in before Monday, August 4th!
Thanks to everyone who entered! The giveaway is officially closed.


    • WordPress.com Support says

      If you’re coming over, we’re making coxinha! (still trying that this weekend :D ) Thanks for entering Denise!

  1. Emma's Little Kitchen says

    Because I am on a life long quest to make kale (and tofu…) not just appealing but delicious!!

  2. says

    I can’t access the Kale recipe for the pictured dish, nor the Roasted Roots site/blog…I have a recipe for Borscht (Polish/Lithuanian style eaten cold with potatoes) if you haven’t gotten one of those yet…I love your blog and recipes! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Alyssa says

    Kale is growing up the wazoo in our garden, and I’d love to have this cookbook to give me some direction as to how to use our lovely leafy green abundance! Kale salad with a simple vinaigrette is perfect enough, but it’s really fun to try new things when there’s an overflowing garden of the stuff :)

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