Zataar Drumsticks

Hello, fall.

I can’t believe its nearly October; the days are getting shorter, it’s grey and gloomy already, and yesterday we finally turned on the heat in our house. I think the running theme for the next few weeks will be comfort food.

This recipe is embarrassingly simple, with fool-proof ingredients that get you amazing flavor with virtually no effort. Za’atar is an all purpose spice from the Middle Eastern; you can buy it in most Arab or Turkish shops in Holland, but if your fancy in the kitchen, you probably have the ingredients in your cupboard. I’ve been going a little crazy with it lately, making salads, chicken + peppers, and anything where I want big flavor and as little time in La Cucina as possible.

Because I’d rather spend more time eating this, than making it. Can you blame me? :)


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Zataar Drumsticks

By DellaCucinaPovera Published: September 23, 2013

    Hello, fall. I can't believe its nearly October; the days are getting shorter, it's grey and gloomy already, and yesterday we …



    1. In large mixing bowl, combine chicken, oil and za'atar. Rub spices and oil all over chicken pieces.
    2. Place the drumsticks on a baking tray, and roast for 30-45 minutes at 425°F, until golden brown.

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          My family never really cooked or baked with Zaatar – from my understanding is used more in North African and Arab kitchens. The Persian kitchen uses loads of Avideh; a combination of cumin, cardamon, coriander, cinnamon and rose petals. Cheers, Paty!

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        Guess what I just had for dinner? Go on, guess! I had no energy, so I even skipped the step of rubbing with oil. I removed the skin from the drumsticks, put them in an oven dish, sprinkled with zataar and sprayed with the smallest amount of oil. Had them with baked aubergine and buttermilk sauce – YUM! This is going onto my list of go-to meals! And funny: yeap, I also live in Amsterdam so my zaatar is from the Java straat :-)

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